What is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy also known as physical therapy is an allied health care profession. It is a non drug treatment ( physical) for treating any disease, disorder or even for postural correction and alignment. It can include a variety of techniques including manual, mechanical and electrical therapies. Since from past few years the field of physiotherapy has been expanding successfully towards improving the quality of life for every individual. Be it any postural correction, alignment, degenerative changes, illness, disability or disorder, correcting it can be made easier given the right physio

Importance in growing world

The scope of physiotherapy has been growing tremendously these days. Be it any hospitals, clinics, sports team, schools, colleges, army forces or IT companies everyone is know slowly understanding the importance and requirement of hiring physiotherapist for their departments. There have been numerous case studies that have proved the success of physiotherapy in today’s world. People are now slowly getting aware of it’s importance and magical non- invasive and no drug treatment for treating any condition and illness.

Why we are doing this

More about physio is an initiation to expand the field of physiotherapy and make people aware of it’s importance and results. It is a platform that helps flourish the scope of physical therapy and work for the betterment of people’s life. Our goal is to make your acquaintance with easy and better physical ways for being treated.

How online education can help other physios

Due to the recent Covid pandemic, online education has been in great limelight to learn and acquire new skills and knowledge. People have started gaining trust on the materials and content available on the web. It is helping people to expand their views and look conditions with a different angle. As of being a physio, online education can open the gates to different therapies, tests, examination and new methods of treating patients. It can make a change in the perspective of an individual by learning and exploring more and more via different researches and case studies that have proven to show healthy benefits in patients. A physio can help and guide other physios via such online material and join hands together for making their patient’s life worth living.

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